About Us

Microlan IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai (INDIA) based Software company, delivering high quality, cost effective, reliable result-oriented customized development services.

Microlan is a Digital Business solutions company based in Mumbai (India) providing Customized Software Development, Product development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and IT Consulting Services. We have earned the pride of being one of the leading product & web based software solution provider in India, we develop software solution that helps our customers to outperform the competition and stay ahead in today’s competitive business environment. We believe that business needs can be only met when technology is in sync with business process. At Microlan, we provide multi-dimensional IT services that caters to high-end strategy, software development and design solutions for corporate clients all across the globe. We have a wide and varied range of products & services that can suit the divergent needs of our large client base.

We provide services to clients from various industries like Hospitality, Healthcare,Services, Retail sector, Tourism, IT Companies, Infrastructure, Retailers, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Banks & Online Media houses. We understand that for the success of any project Time, Quality and Support has to be top class, for this our planning & quality control team make sure that your projects are very planned & designed to be delivered on time & also the quality of the project is more than what you have expected.

Why choose us?

Dedicated teams
True and faithful partners
Global know-how
Focus on innovation
Respect of the client needs


We strive to become an integral part of every organizations business plan. We endeavour to maximize value for our customers by offering efficient solutions to sync technology with business process, support and transaction accomplishment.


Our mission is to provide best in class, creative, unique Software Solutions that can solve all our client’s business problems that they face on day to day bases. We provide software & solutions for companies of all sizes and all industry sectors.
At Microlan IT Services Pvt. Ltd we focus on high quality & timely delivery of our Services. We provide cost effective and customized solutions.

Our Goals

The goal of Microlan IT Services Pvt Ltd is to implement latest state of the art available technology in creating inspired projects that meet the standards required to power businesses, organizations, institutions, and entities that need that cutting edge solution to enhance their operations.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide high class services to customers to empowering the individuals & organizations.